I’m Sumeyye, a creative allround designer en art director from Antwerp. Hello and welcome!

After my goldsmith degree I was sure I wanted to do something els then making juwels. Somehow I found myself managing a big renovation and selling vintage furniture. This was the foundation of what was coming next. Nowdays I design furniture, sustainable fashion, content and many more. So one thing led to another and I became an all-round designer who can design and create everything that is in my field of vision.

Creating an identity for a brand, product development, video production, photo/film styling and hosting designed locations are also part of my profession.

Take a look at my portfolio for my latest work and collabs and here if you want to have more details about the projects I run, please do not hesitate to contact me if you have more questions.


General information, rental and collabs
Mobile: +32 476 78 30 00

Borgerhout (BoHo)/Antwerp